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Bootstrap Essentials


Admittedly an august fervor for the publication and launch of my new book – Bootstrap Essentials.

No magnitude of thankfulness would be adequate to the Packtpub team and to my colleagues at InfoAxon.

Here are the links of the title –

No Website in today’s world can afford to be non-responsive or not compatible with mobile devices. For instance, from April this year, Google has started “Mobile Friendliness” as a major parameter for the search results. In other words, if your web site is not mobile friendly, there are high chance that your site will not be listed in that auspicious first page of Google search result – even though you have researched and achieved all those out-of-the-world SEO theories and have some excellent content to offer to the world. Forbes had reported this in this March –

Bootstrap® today arguably is almost a synonym of the front-end framework for responsive web design and development. Given that you have no previous baggage to carry, first option happens to be Bootstrap only in most the cases when you are to choose the front-end framework for your responsive web site.

This title – Bootstrap Essentials – deals with all the major concepts, know-hows and insights of Bootstrap. If you are a web developer and designer, have decent knowledge on HTML5 and jQuery, and want to make your next web site to responsive – this title would help you actualizing your goal.

Some of the salient usefulness of the book are

  • Offers detailed understanding about basics of responsive designs
  • Furnishes details of CSS3 and its satellite concepts as these are the pre-requisites of a Bootstrap site
  • Tenders all functionalities and features of Bootstrap such as CSS, JavaScripts and other built-in components, along with their insight knowledges
  • Provides detailed steps on how to customize Bootstrap to meet your needs
  • Your hands-on guide on how to establish your development environment around Bootstrap, including the steps for compiling and building Bootstrap from raw source code
  • Also offers a few extension components that are built on top of Bootstrap; and will boost the functionalities of your “Bootstrapped” web site

Sample Application

Sample Application

Mobile View

Mobile View

Finally, an elaborate and elegant custom application is accompanied with all the theories in illustration of each step and concepts.

In the end, you will be a proficient developer of Bootstrap and will be able to design and develop your responsive web site quite dexterously.

Hopefully, this book becomes a pragmatic effort for all the developer and designer community; and becomes beneficial for people like me.

Thanks for reading, and of course, any feedback are most welcome.

Happy Bootstrapping!!!